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Saturday, 14 March 2009

March 2009

Great news- I have got a research project! Unexpectedly (but excitingly), the project will be in the USA at the veterinary school at Colorado State University (Edinburgh University’s sister vet school) and I will soon be meeting with the Professors from CSU to discuss the project areas. I have been awarded a full scholarship for this; all costs are covered by the Univeristy of Edinburgh.
We have recently been coming to the end of the taught part of the course for this year, finishing off with our large animal anatomy. This has been a great integrated course, taking our knowledge of small animals from last year and building on it in a more clinical way. For example we have learned the principles of nerve blocking for performing caesarian sections on cattle.
We have also begun an introduction to our clinical course which officially starts in September (3rd year!) introducing us to performing basic clinical examinations. There has been a lot of focus this term on our practical skills as we have our animal husbandry practical exams in April.

Colorado State Vet School


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