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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

October 2008

Well, I am happy to be back for 2nd year. The rest of my summer EMS was a fantastic experience, especially the dairy which I did in Cornwall. I learned so much about calving, cattle husbandry and the milk industry, and even got to go out on some farm calls with a local vet.
Now that I am in second year I get two “vet children” (from the new first years) to make sort of vet family, where we help the guide the first years through their first year in vet school. I have been doing my best at giving lots of useful guidance to my two assigned first-years!
This year we are mainly studying “Infection & Immunity” (which encompasses things like parasitology bacteriology, virology and immunity) and also reproduction, digestion, more of the nervous system and metabolism. We also begin to study large animal anatomy after Christmas which is very exciting!


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