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Friday, 5 October 2007

October 2007

I have now completed my first few weeks of vet school and am loving it! Edinburgh is an amazing city and the vet school is every bit a great as I hoped it would be.
We are studying a cell biology course alongside anatomy and we are also having animal husbandry sessions each week at the farm. The farm sessions are great (but challenging!). We have been getting to grips with lots of practical skills from being able to age sheep by their teeth to casting a cow or being able to place a gag for oral examinations. A lot if this is very new to me as I have not had a great deal of farm experience, but I am trying to learn fast. Alongside our other courses we are doing a Veterinary Public Health unit, which includes everything from maths and statistics to learning about epidemiology and the spread of disease.
As well as the studying I am also keeping up a few hobbies and have joined the hockey team and badminton club. As you can imagine the course is keeping me very busy but I’ll update again soon!

Click here for information about veterinary surveillance of disease outbreaks in the UK

Read about current disease topics:
Bovine TB
Avian Influenza


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